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10 Christmas Party Themes  –

Yes, it’s that time of year already, Summer is over and the nights are drawing in. The advent calendar of TV (X-Factor) is back on the box so it’s time to start thinking about your Xmas Party and an integral part of that will be what theme it has.


Ugly Xmas Jumper Party

We have all got one, knitted by your favourite great Aunt or lovingly brought for you by the mother-in-law. These parties have not only given new life to old pieces of Xmas outrage, they have made them quite cool and remarkably fun as well.

Xmas song Karaoke

Let your hair down and have a merry singalong. This is always good phone and full of surprises, who new Mary from accounts was so good at singing??

Nightmare Before Xmas Party

Create your very own fun Xmas party inspired by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. This theme allows creativity to run wild and is a very popular option.

Christmas cake Party

A sort Great British Bake-off meets Santa Claus. Have everyone come over to make gingerbread cookies and decorate them. There are some brilliant Gingerbread kits out there that are not too expensive. Get a few of these, divide your guests into teams and sit back and watch.

Christmas cast-off Party

Re-gifting, the noble act of pawning off an unwanted gift to someone else, can be tacky. But it is an first-rate party theme! What else are we going to do with the lovely porcelain vase, elephant statues, and hankies? Just make sure you are not re-gifting the gift given to you by any of your guests. That would be awkward, but fun for everyone else……

Christmas Pyjama Party

On your invite, explain that guests are to show up in their much-loved pyjamas. From long johns to onesies to nightgowns, everyone is welcome! Set up a cosy lounge area with blankets, and pillows and bean bags piled everywhere. Pop on your favourite Christmas TV specials and light log fire in the fireplace. Make your pyjama party even more special by roasting marshmallows over the flames and serving up a hot chocolate (with quite a bit of alcohol)

A Christmas masquerade ball

Prepare for an evening of intrigue, illusion and indulgence behind your glamorous mask! Guests are to come to the party wearing their very own masquerade mask.

Retro Xmas Party

A Christmas party doesn’t have to be all baubles and mince pies, there are other ways and sometimes it’s the unfamiliar themes that are the most fun. A retro-theme for real style is a great way to be different. Play games such as Twister and pin the donkey and to give it a real retro feel play old skool music and get your guests to dress retro too….

Xmas stocking and hat party

An Xmas stocking and hat party can be a fun night with some fairly raunchy dressing up going down….

Snow Ball

This is fun and works for everyone during the Christmas season, a Snow Ball is a fabulous theme.

Decorate the room with snowflakes from the ceiling, and hire a snow machine if your budget stretches that far.


Hopefully there are enough Christmas Party Themes to keep you going. Should you be needing a DJ for your Xmas Party then you give DJ Paul Linney call