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Bride and bridal ideas for your wedding day and your wedding DJ

12 Questions to ask before booking your wedding DJ

Booking a DJ -It’s difficult to know what to ask your prospective DJ, especially if you have never booked one before. Here are a few pointers that I hope will help you in your choice and help make booking a Wedding DJ hassle free Is this your full-time business? Are weddings your main focus? What clubs, lounges, and corporate clients have you performed for in addition to weddings? This will enable you to discover whether they are a well-rounded, successful entertainer

Winter wedding at Northcote House

I played at a lovely wedding in Northcote House, Ascot a few weeks ago. It was a quite an older crowd and the first 3 hours they had a Scalextric Car track set up in one room and a buffet in another, so I was requested to play background music after the initial cake cutting and first dance. Title Artist I Just Wanna Be Loved (Magic Man Remix) Culture Club Chapel of Love Dixe Cups Third Finger, Left Hand [Extended

West London Wedding – Drayton Court

West London Wedding - If your idea of a good wedding is reception is one of fun and dancing all night then you could not go far wrong by copying the example of the lovely couple I DJ'd for recently. They wanted a party so they invited people to the reception who liked to party, with the bride being Irish and the Groom Scottish they did not have far to look. Another very important factor for the success of the

Hall Place Berkshire – Wedding

Hall Place Berkshire Wedding - I played for the first time at Hall Place in Berkshire and I hope its not the last as it is a great venue with lovely staff http://www.hallplace.co.uk/ The bride and groom had requested a funky start with chart music later in the evening. Here is a video of the bride and bridesmaid dancing to "Relight my Fire" https://youtu.be/y9JcpNM_iRY And here is the playlist: Title Artist Pick Up The Pieces Bass Funk You Make Loving

Wedding – two cultures one family

Wedding - I had the pleasure of playing at the wedding of an Iranian girl to a Scottish lad at the weekend. All the males in the wedding party where dressed in kilts irrespective of which country they were from, likewise the bridesmaids all danced a traditional knife dance prior to cutting the cake. I played a mixture of 90's and current music along with some Scottish and Iranian tracks. It was great to see a full dance floor all

Surrey Wedding for Richard and Katie

Friday 20th June saw the Surrey wedding of Richard and Katie at St Peters Church in Staines. It was well attended, with 140 sit down guests to the wedding breakfast and a further 200 arriving for the evening celebrations at the Thistle Hotel Heathrow. The room looked amazing and was a credit to the staff of the hotel. On arrival at the hotel, they where greeted by the excellent singing of Paul Holgate of So Sinatra and Sugartown Entertainments, his rat

Choosing music to play at your wedding reception

  Probably the first decision is not surprisingly, what will be your first dance if you having one. For some couples, the choice is obvious, for others its harder. Maybe a medley of tunes (I have arranged several first dances made up of the combined bride and grooms favourite tunes) or a unique cover version. It's your day, so you need to ensure you have your special tunes in there, the ones that mean something to you as a couple

Choosing a Wedding DJ

Thoughts on choosing a Wedding DJ. A friend of mine asked me recently what advice I would give to someone looking to hire a wedding DJ. After initially saying tell them to hire me, I started to think about a more constructive answer. The wedding reception is, in most instances, the longest part of the celebrations. So choosing the wrong DJ can have a big impact on the day. So I would suggest to an enquiring couple that the first

Finding that perfect Wedding Venue

There are a lot of resource out there to help you find the perfect wedding venue. In reality though is there such a thing? What you, the bride and groom consider perfect will it be seen as by your wedding guests as such? In my experience, and I have been to a great many weddings, people tend to hire a venue that is too big for their needs. This results in people being spread very thinly around 20 at the

What songs actually work for a Party???

What songs should be played at a Party or Wedding? It really depends on the guests, the more varied the guests the more varied the music, unless the party is themed or the person paying the bill requests a particular style or musical genre to be played all night. Here are some links to some suggestions. Dance-party playlist: 100 greatest songs for an epic party   For a wedding reception: 1. "I Will Survive" - Gloria Gaynor (1975) 2. "Don't