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Royal Berkshire Polo Club Summer Party

On Sunday night, I DJ'd at the RBPC Summer Party. 250 people through the door and a really fun night. Musically it was a mixed bag as was the crowd, the emphasis was on fun. Touch Me feat. Abigail Bailey - Extended Mix Jerry Ropero, Tom Novy Track 7 Forget me Nots Feat. LadyGatica Mato Track 4 Dragons Caravan Palace Track 3 Carib's Leap (Halo and Kenny Carvajal's Unreleased Dub) Ian Friday Alright (Brad Carter Mix) Red Carpet OUR DAY

Polo Gold Cup

On Sunday night, I was the DJ at the Polo Gold Cup after party. 200 for dinner plus another 100 more in the evening, so plenty of people to entertain. This is a very mixed crowd and and this is reflected in the playlist. (below) I tried to get Ableton synced with Traktor, but was not happy with the result. Looks like for now it will be Traktor for DJing and Traktor for playing live. Still trying to get my