We have a wide range of ages coming; can you get them all dancing?

I have a wealth of experience and am very used to a wide range and keeping the dance floor busy by playing music for all age groups. By reading the dance floor I am able to ensure that I play something for everyone.

What will you wear on the day?

My standard dress code is Smart Casual or Black Tie depending on the event. If you have a preference please let me know.

Can you play background music during the meal?

This is easily arranged, just choose the style of music you would prefer to have played. The most popular are jazz, acid jazz, smooth soul and chill-out. However I can play opera or orchestral or anything else for that matter, its your event.

Do you play the music very loud?

I realise that when you hire me I am in most instances just one part of the overall evening. People will who have not seen each other for some time will be wanting to talk and catch up, so the volume will be kept down early on and increased as the night goes by unless you wish otherwise.

Will you keep talking on the microphone all night?

People dance to music not my voice, so I will only be using the microphone to make announcements

Can you setup the entertainment prior to our arrival at the venue?

Yes I can set up prior to your arrival at the venue. This is something that benefits weddings in particular and has the added benefit of you being able to use my radio microphone for speeches and quite background music during the meal.