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Always a great night, but you need an 80’s night DJ who has a wide range of tunes and can read a crowd. I have more than a pile of compilation CDs and know the genre well. Operating throughout the 1980s, I have the 80s Party and Club experience from actually DJing in the 80’s at Chertsey Lock nightclub in Surrey and from performing at hundreds of 80s events. Events with the likes of DJs Jazzie B from Soul 11 soul and Visage’s Rusty Egan. As well as Steve Norman the Sax Player from Spandau Ballet and at the Happy Days Festival. Here is a link to a play list from a recent 80’s night I was DJ at. At  a recent event held by Boy George in The Scala- London to celebrate the birthday of David Bowie, I was asked to DJ at the After Party. More recently I played at the W-Fest in Belgium with bands like Human League, Tony Hadley and Toyah Wilcox. I play not just the 80’s hits, but also those 80’s hits that timestamped an era.


I have regularly worked alongside Rusty Egan co-founder of the Blitz Club and also with members of Spandau Ballet. In the early 80’s I managed a night club called Chertsey Lock that frequently had the top DJ’s such as Greg Edwards and Robbie Vincent playing along with Rusty.

More recently, I DJ’d at the Groucho Club for Philip Salon ‘s birthday party alongside Chris Sullivan the owner of the WAG club. Philip and Chris where a big influence on the 80’s and helped Boy George during his early career. Also at the Groucho the likes of Andrew Ridgley from Wham and David Shilling the £1 million Hat maker of the 80’s are often seen dancing to my sets.

So as you can see I had and still do have a very good understanding of the 80’s in all its shapes and sizes.

Big Thanks to the DJ Paul Linney  who played a brilliant set tonight. Big thanks to everyone who came and loved the music and danced from the start to close.

Rusty Egan (Viasge – Blitz Club) – Groucho Club Soho

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I was running a club in the Eighties so know exactly what to play if you want to relive your youth or if you are not that old, to find out what all the fuss was about.

“Everyone was so impressed with the music and I’ve had endless comments about you all day. The dancefloor was full all night long!”

Music wise the 1980s was the decade that gave us Wham, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Grandmaster Flash, Michael Jackson, Human League. Also ABC, Tiffany, Pet Shop Boys, Soul II Soul, The Smiths, Tears For Fears. Queen, early Madonna and Kylie Minogue, the list of classics is endless. There was so much good music from the 80’s and it has influenced many of today’s tunes. The classics from that decade are regularly requested at many parties and events. I am able to add to the party by using my knowledge of the era to play the well known tracks along with gems people may not have heard of for ages and also contemporary remixes dependant on the mix of your guests. I can also provide a night of classic 80’s remixes and club tunes have a look at a recent party I performed at in Zanzibar. For a FUN night you need an 80’s music DJ for your Old Skool Music event.

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Some great songs were made in the 80’s and they still have a big influence on music now, with club nights like Glitterbox having many tunes from the 80’s as its foundations. An 80’s night does not have to be a cheese fest either. There are so many styles from the New Romantics and New Wave at the beginning of the decade to the smiley House tunes at the end.

“I booked Paul to DJ at my 50th birthday party this NYE. When I researched DJ’s I wanted someone who would do the decade justice and after speaking to a few DJs I found him online I decided to book Paul. The party was absolutely amazing. Me and my guests were totally transported to our teenage years which was just what I wanted. I didn’t give Paul a list of tracks because I trusted he would get it right. The evening was beyond my expectations. I had the best party and so did my guests. If you want to have the best ever party, Paul Linney is your man!!!”

I also get to work with a lot of the artists from the 80’s. Below, I am with Rusty Egan (Visage and DJ at the Blitz) Midge Ure (Visage and Ultravox) Chris Payne (Gary Numan) and below is Steve Norman (Spandau Ballet)

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David Bowie’s birthday

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To celebrate David Bowie's birthday Boy George wanted to do a night of new interesting music with electro-pop three piece We Are Brando at Scala in London with their dark dance-orientated sound. George went under his alter-ego The Twin. The music was a mixture of new wave, new disco and

Loads of compliments from everybody on the music and yourself. ‎You did a great job and it was everything we wanted. Thanks so much.

Choose me to DJ at your 80’s party and you are in for a great night. Have a look at these links to my blog to give you an idea of the kind of party and 80’s music I could provide you with.

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