Terms and conditions

  • A booking is not deemed to be confirmed until a non-refundable booking fee of 30% or an amount agreed between Spectrum Disco and the Customer has been paid. Financial settlement to take place by cash at the start of the performance, or by cheque no later than fourteen days prior to the performance. If additional performance time is required, the fee for such time must be agreed with, and paid to the DJ at that time. All other methods of payment will be by mutual agreement. A late payment will attract a fee of £5.00 a day.


  • Our cancellation policy aims to ensure fair recompense in the event of a customer cancelling a booking, it reflects the time involved in organising the booking and the decreasing probability of being able to find alternative work at short notice.


4 weeks before 50% of the total booking fee is payable

2 weeks before 75% of the total booking fee is payable

1 week before  90% of the total booking fee is payable


  • This contract reflects the verbal agreement, and shall include any terms and conditions agreed prior to its issue, and shall be deemed accepted unless a written objection is received within fourteen working days of the issuing date. No alterations may be made to this contract by, either the Customer or Spectrum Disco without prior ‘written’ approval by, the Customer ‘and’ (not or) Spectrum Disco.


  • Spectrum Disco reserves the right to substitute a similar Disco service in the event of Spectrum Disco being unable to appear for any reason.


  • The Customer will allow suitable time for the installation and dismantling, and removal of equipment (normally one hour). Where appropriate, the Customer will arrange with the management of the Venue to allow suitable time for the installation and dismantling, and removal of equipment (normally one hour).


  • The client also agrees that Spectrum Disco cannot guarantee the inclusion of any difficult to source, obsolete or deleted titles either requested at the event or previously notified. For legal copyright reasons, we will only play client provided track/s if they are supplied on an original audio CD.


  • The client consents to Spectrum Disco using images from the event on Social Media.


  • The Customer will also ensure that safe and adequate power is available. (Normally a minimum of 2x13Amp sockets with a combined minimum continuous load capacity of 4.5Kilowatts (20 Amps) for a full sound and lighting set-up, or for a reduced set-up, 1x13Amp socket with a minimum continuous load capacity of 3Kilowatts (13Amps).


  • Spectrum Disco will ensure that any equipment to be connected to a power source is electrically safe.


  • Spectrum Disco and any assistants will conduct themselves in a proper manner throughout their attendance at the venue, and will respond to the Customers/ Venue Managements requests as to volume, positioning of equipment and, or any other reasonable requests.


  • Spectrum Disco shall be in no way liable for breach of byelaws, or conditions under which the venue is leased, hired or entrusted to the Customer. The Customer/Venue Management also ensures that all appropriate licenses, as required by law, are in force at the time of the performance.


  1. The Customer/Venue Management will provide adequate supervision of its guests, customers and, or staff at the venue, and will be liable for any loss of, or damage to, the equipment, vehicles, or personnel belongings, caused by guests, customers and, or staff.


  1. Spectrum Disco will provide Public Liability insurance cover of £5 Million pounds.


  1. Should the venue be equipped with noise limiters, we cannot be held responsible for any loss of enjoyment caused.