Hints and Tips

If you want to hire a DJ, find out whether the DJ you are hiring is full-time, ask about their experience. Avoid DJ’s who do it just for fun, and want to have a night out. If you book one of these don’t be surprised if the DJ brings a loads of his friends to your party.

Make sure that you invite enough people to fill your venue, nothing saps the atmosphere more than great big rooms with not enough people in them….

Always find out how long it will take a DJ to set up and pack away. Some venues will charge extra if everyone, including the DJ is not out by the agreed time. For the average disco set up pro mobile disco will take about 1-2 hours to set up and about 45mins to 1 and half hours to pack up. If time is is an issue its best to advise your DJ in order to speed things up.

Think hard about booking a friend as the DJ on the cheap. Most of the emergency calls we get are because the friend has decided to do something else. Its best to let your friends come to your party and hire a DJ who will treat the evening as a job of work they want to do well.

Check that your DJ supplier is happy to play any special requested music you may have. However don’t over do it, 100% play lists do not work unless is a teenage prom party. Send your DJ a list of around the 10 to 30 pre requested tunes which is about right.

Check and recheck your DJ has the extra special requests you have such as your wedding first dance record. Even better bring your own copy just in case, making sure its on a format the DJ can play.

For some occasions it may be useful to know the age of your DJ i.e. an 18 year old with minimum experience would not be appropriate for a 50th Wedding anniversary.

Consider having a theme for your party, this can be great fun

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Be prepared to send a bit more on a quality Mobile disco, its a fact the vast majority of people will only remember the entertainment after the event. Spending a fortune on the food or the finest wines will be nice at the time, but soon forgotten. Most brides one month after their wedding wished they had spent more on the entertainment.

Always ensure that you have confirmation in writing from your DJ supplier confirming their services. Check the details on the confirmation letter are correct i.e. dates, time, place and its essential you include postcodes. Most DJs traveling a long way will use sat nav so also make sure the postcode takes you to the right address. You do not want the DJ to turn up on the wrong day to the wrong place.

Check with your venue beforehand regarding any restrictions they may have, i.e.: the presence of a noise limiter or if you want the DJ to use a smoke machine; will this set off the smoke detector.