40th Birthday Tips on planning a London Party


You want to have a London Party, but need are looking for a few ideas on how to organise it….

To start with, where you can, you need to plan ahead, the better venues get snapped up early. The sooner you can secure your venue the better, particularly if your party has to be on the most popular Thursday or Friday evenings. The same goes for a London DJ, make sure you hire your entertainment early.


When hiring a space for your event, make sure it can easily accommodate the number of guests you plan to invite having too much space is the bigger of the two sins in my eyes, nothing kills a party like people rattling about in an empty room. You might like to kick the party off with a drinks reception, so pre-arrange a bar tab so ordering drinks a hassle free affair. From stylish cocktail bars to cooler-than-you joints, London has one of the best drinking scenes in the world, which means you’ll have plenty of great locations to choose from.


The right venue is a place that’s easy to reach for everybody, therefore compromising on a location might be required – think about it wisely in advance. How will people get home? The all night tube is starting to run now so is your venue near one of the stations that offer this service???

Pubs at weekend

A bargain may be had by hiring a London city pub that would have normally been closed at the weekend. Quite a few city bars shut Friday night and open again Monday Lunch. However, if you guarantee a certain amount of bar take, they will be more than happy to host your party.

More the merrier

Always invite at least 30% more people than you would like if not more. Far better to have people saying your event was too popular and crowded than, the dreaded it was empty…….
Enjoy it! Once you have done all of the leg work and everyone is at the venue, the most important thing you can do is relax and enjoy yourself and your London Party

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Tips on planning a London Party
Some tips on Planning a London Party ideas on cutting costs and enjoying yourself at the same time. Spectrum Disco - London DJ