first dance 300x198 Choosing music to play at your wedding reception

Probably the first decision is not surprisingly, what will be your first dance if you having one. For some couples, the choice is obvious, for others its harder. Maybe a medley of tunes (I have arranged several first dances made up of the combined bride and grooms favourite tunes) or a unique cover version.

It’s your day, so you need to ensure you have your special tunes in there, the ones that mean something to you as a couple and immediate family. Now that you have done that you come to the hard bit, what kind of reception party do you want?

There are some variables to take into consideration, the number and age of the guests. The musical taste of the guests, the size and layout of the room. How many of your guests are likely to dance and how many are not.

If you are wanting a party where a fair proportion of those invited get up and dance then, in my experience, it is best to give the DJ about 20 tunes to show the type and style that you the bride and groom like and leave the guests to show with their dancing feet what they like. To pre-determine much more that really negates the need for a DJ. What happens if the weather is amazing and your guests want to enjoy the evening outside? Those chart dance tunes will probably not work. What if some of the tunes on the list clear the dance floor what then? What if your guests demonstrate by dancing or not dancing that they want some cheese or something clubby.

Then there is the question of requests say you have 100 guests of whom the majority like a mixture of 90’s R&B and chart music and Uncle Frank insists on some Heavy Metal what happens then? Would you want the DJ to play this tune to please your favourite Uncle or not? There is no right or wrong, it’s your choice. Not playing it may upset Uncle Frank, playing it may upset 80 guests. But then in planning the wedding you would have had to have made similar choices – Guest list, seating plan, bridesmaids etc

So a lot to think about….. and to discuss with your wedding DJ