The key to my flexibility when DJing is a piece of software called Traktor, this in turn is controlled by a Numark Traktor controller. Because of the size of my music collection, over 50,000 tracks and growing, I use a custom built PC with 3 hard drives. One for the Traktor program and the operating system and the other two for music. I also use Dennon CDJ’s as a back up….

traktor25 300x187 The technical details   Sound System and DJ Lighting
From here the digital sound goes to a Pioneer DJM 3000 rack mixer. The signal passes from this to the DBX driverack where it is split into Sub, Bass and Mid/top frequencies and sent off to two Crown Amps XTI Amps one handling the Sub and kicking out a whopping great 2400 watts and the other handling Bass on the left channel and Mid tops on the other putting out 1200 watts per channel. Set up this way each piece of kit can be optimised to sound great for the frequency range that has to handle  rather than have to compromise across the whole frequency range. The speakers I use are from the  JBL MRX range.
DJ Lighting is DMX and set up according to the venue and the VJ Software is Resolumne