Mary and Matthew Crawley We 300x200 Choosing a Wedding DJ

Thoughts on choosing a Wedding DJ.

A friend of mine asked me recently what advice I would give to someone looking to hire a wedding DJ. After initially saying tell them to hire me, I started to think about a more constructive answer.

The wedding reception is, in most instances, the longest part of the celebrations. So choosing the wrong DJ can have a big impact on the day. So I would suggest to an enquiring couple that the first thing they have to decide, is what kind of evening they are looking for. Do they want a middle of the road event with all the party classics or have they something more distinctive in mind? Do they want to choose the majority of tracks (some DJ’s find this too restrictive)

Once they have decided on the kind of evening they want they should then match that with the DJ..

But how would they do that? I hear you ask. Well, first place to look would be to do a search for a DJ using words such as 80’s Wedding DJ, Wedding House DJ or Wedding party DJ. That should in itself get them of to a good start. I would then advise, that they try to get hold of some example playlists from their short list. Finally, I think they should spend time talking to them about the night either on the phone or more preferably face to face.

There are plenty of good DJ’s that would be wrong for your wedding and considering the time spent in his or her presence and impact he or she can have  on your wedding, it’w worth spending the time and the money finding the right one.