Surrey wedding venue Finding that perfect Wedding VenueThere are a lot of resource out there to help you find the perfect wedding venue. In reality though is there such a thing?

What you, the bride and groom consider perfect will it be seen as by your wedding guests as such? In my experience, and I have been to a great many weddings, people tend to hire a venue that is too big for their needs. This results in people being spread very thinly around 20 at the bar 40 dancing 20 sitting down 20 outside enjoying the grounds and 20 gone home straight after the wedding breakfast…….

For most wedding venues, a minimum of 150 evening guests should be invited and in a lot cases even 200 or more. Now I know many places want to charge for the evening food. Just tell them that your guests will be spending over the bar and the more that turn up the more money the venue will get.

This is even more important in the summer months as many locations have beautiful grounds into which your guests will wonder.

You will need a quiet area for your older guests and somewhere for the children should they have been invited.

Do you want old or new, what about parking and access? Is there accommodation nearby or better still can they stay at the venue itself?

Try also to get to speak to people who have had there weddings at the venues you have shortlisted and see what they liked  and disliked about their day

Here are some good directories to help you in your search.

All the best for your big day


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Finding that perfect Wedding Venue
Ideas and tips on finding that perfect Wedding Venue in London, Surrey, Berks or Kent