I was recently interviewed by Thump the music section of culture magazine Vice. They wanted to compare 3 very different wedding DJ’s in a light hearted way here is my interview….

download A recent review in THUMP the Music and Culture channel MagazineHopping down the motorway, I caught up with London DJ Paul Linney, the selector behind Spectrum Disco. Despite his three decades of experience, and his encroachment on those ever so cosy 60s, he loves his job. Unlike Andy or Chris, he plays out in clubs, still dropping tech-house sets in Ibiza when he gets the chance. “The difference between myself and other mobile DJs is that when people book me they actually get a DJ, not just a bloke who brings some music. My prices reflect that: if people want a proper DJ, with proper experience they’ll pay for it. Pay less and you’ll get a piss poor performance from a bored old boy.”

From speaking with Paul you get the impression that the kind of functions he plays at differ somewhat from those our other interviewees turn up to. “I recently played this proper Essex wedding and it was great. The couple had booked an X-Factor finalist from a few years back, me, and DJ Luck and MC Neat.” I mentioned Chris’ difficulty in getting crowds to hit the dancefloor with aplomb. “He’s right. Everyone in the business faces that difficulty. I think of it as a kind of human chess. You’ve got to play with the pieces at your disposal. You’ve got to play “Vogue” or the Spice Girls before you can get into house. You learn to really study human reaction, how to read faces and body language in this job. Sometimes though, like when I play at the Audi Polo party, that’s almost irrelevant. When you’ve got a half naked bird on your right and another eating fire on your left and DJ Fresh begging to get on the decks the work’s nearly all done for you.”

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Article Name
A recent review in THUMP the Music and Culture channel Magazine
A recent review in THUMP the Music and Culture channel Magazine