Ibiza 2019 – I like to keep up to date with what is going on in the music and party scene and one of the best ways is get to the exclusive opening parties on Ibiza. Going over early May before the bigger clubs open and all the tourists arrive is a cost effective way of achieving this, Easyjet flights are inexpensive and hotels have deals so its win win.

Blue Marlin was full of clubbers rather than the normal boat crowd of high season , so as you can see from the video there was a great atmosphere. Culoe du Song warmed up for Eric Morrillo with a great minimal tech house set and Eric followed on with a more tribal offering. It was my best time ever at Marlin……

The first party at Pikes after the legendary Tony Pikes had passed was always going to be a good one and the opening party of Ibiza 2019 at Pikes did not disappoint. Dorly played some great nu-disco followed up superbly by Artwork with an amazing set. This kind of music may not travel well to parties in the UK, but how the DJ’s work the crowd certainly does and it also helps me when I DJ on the island.

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