Chillout music (chillout, chill out, or simply just chill) is a genre  defined by the relaxing rhythms and down-tempo beats — “chill” taken from the street language which means to “relax”. This

genre appeared in the early and mid-90s in chill rooms at club where serene music is played to allow party goers the time to unravel from the more lively and fast paced tunes that are usually played by the DJ in the main room.

Untitled 3 Chillout music and mixes during Lockdown

Associated genres with chillout are mainly, trip-hop, nu jazz, ambient, ambient house and similar sub-genres of downtempo. The easy listening lounge music is also thought to fall under the chillout section too. Chillout, is more a feeling and an emotion…….

During lockdown a lot of people have turned to chillout music to help with stress and to help while away the time. As such, I have been playing regularly on Ibiza Radio One, Beach Radio and Milano Lounge.

Not only did this help me get through this year, it has introduced me to new music and got me introduced to a new audience. On top of this its kept me mixing with over 8 hours a week being broadcast.

Here is a mix I did for Guido’s Lounge Cafe one of the most listened too channels on Mixcloud and has over 90,000 followers.

“It’s a musical treat! It’s like a journey to a place I’ve never been before!” was one of the many comments.

Here is how this particular mix did in the charts. This one is very chilled, but I have over 100 mixes on Mixcloud so hopefully there will be a few that work for you.
2nd in the Global Chillout Chart
1st in the Lounge Chart
1st in the Lounge Chillout Chart
1st in the Downtempo Chart
1st in the Chill out Chart