There’s no doubt that following months of lockdown, a big celebration party will be at the top of many people’s minds. Creating event themes are an amazing way to take any party to the next level ensuring your guests have an amazing time.


 2017 DJ at the Best one-off event on Ibiza (Pikes)

2018 DJ at the Best one-off event on Ibiza (Pikes)

2019 Finalist The English Wedding Awards

2019 Regional Winner UK Wedding Awards

2019 DJ at the Best one-off event on Ibiza (Pikes)

2020 DJ at the National Television Awards O2 Arena

The tricky part of your post-Covid event planning will be coming up with the perfect theme or party idea, and this is where we can add inspiration. After all, we are the event specialists. We understand the chemistry of events and we always have our pulse on the latest event trends.

Untitled 2 Parties as we come out of Lockdown

With everyone desperate to meet, friends, family and colleagues – balloons, streamers, banners, beer, and burgers just won’t cut it. People will have a predilection for cool new ideas and experiences, so live events will need to be even more innovative and inventive than before!

I have a quality sound system that ensures you can really feel and hear every nuance of a track with-out me needing to crank the volume right up, this means people can hear and appreciate the sound track with out having to shout to be heard (  now a very important consideration ). I can do a lot with the sound, depending on the kind of party you are having, maybe concentrating the music into just one area for the dancers among your guests, by pointing the speakers down this called raking and also by using more speakers than just the normal two and in doing so surrunding your party with music but playing at a lower volume than if I had had two speakers.

IMG 9536 1024x768 Parties as we come out of Lockdown

As we come out of Lockdown, new venues will be subject to a Covid Risk Assessment as per the Health and Safety Executive COVID risk-assessment PDF

If you theme a party, I have a projection system that is used in all the big arena’s I have used it with bands such as Groove Armada. This really does bring the theme to light and is quite spectacular as well as being very flexible, you are limited really only your imagination as to what this can do. The images are also synced to the music and the lighting.

I have had many years DJing and am just as used to playing to small crowds as well as large, with smaller crowds, reading the dancefloor and playing the right tune at the right time. Playing the right tempo and at the right volume really are key to creating an awesome party, which is something we all need after Lockdown…….

With regards to the deposit, I normally ask for 30%. However due to Covid I suggest a £50 refundable holding deposit in the case of your event not going ahead due to the virus.

If you are not quite ready to venture out but still want to party, I can supply a virtual event direct to your home.

If you are looking for a DJ that does more than just turn up and play give me a call 07930 464245

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