Visual Jockey or VJ – Visual Jockey’s are becoming more and more part of the event scene and finding someone who understands both the art of performance and the performance of art is important to you having the kind of event you are after.

I can design shows around a theme or a logo, the more simplistic the core theme the better and more effective the visuals tend to be. Having worked in large venues like the Roundhouse and CooperBox I am aware of the requirements and pressures of big events and also the importance of good communication with the event organisers. Being a full time DJ and VJ allows me to be easily contactable in the run up to any event.

It does not have to be a big occasion either, I now regularly VJ along with my DJ set where the venue configuration allows it and this greatly enhances the whole performance.

Core VJ graphics can be designed by me and then added to my extensive video library to achieve the effect you are looking for or I can manipulate your own graphics and logos in proprietary software such as Adobe After Effects or Resolume

IMG 1687 1024x768 Visual Jockey or VJ

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Here is an example of a few scenes from a Tech-House Party I was both DJ and VJ at. The images are synced tightly to the BPM of the track and in a constant state of flux.

IMG 1687 Visual Jockey or VJ
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