Back for it’s 9th summer, we see Freddie Rocks at Pikes as an annual party that truly puts the ‘fun’ in fundraising, as international and local DJs, Ibiza residents, holidaymakers and the entire Pikes family all come together to make a contribution to the foundation while honouring our late great hero in a way we believe would have made him break into that signature grin.

If you didn’t already know, Pikes was the place where Freddie Mercury celebrated his wild and wonderful 41st birthday party in 1987 and it only feels right that we continue the party year after year.

The event was created by Mark Jones pictured below, the founder of Wall of Sound records ( Who has had Grace Jones, Basement Jaxx, Royksopp, Aeroplane and the Human League to name but a few on his label) We flew over for the gig together early Sunday after I had been DJing at a Party in London on Saturday night.


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To be called a Pikes Ibiza resident is something special, when you consider all the parties and the DJ’s that have played there…..

The night went amazingly well, with the most money ever raised for charity. For me personally it was also a success, with many compliments on my set and a radio interview lined up with House Culture ( The last two people they interviewed where Danny Gould of Clockwork Orange and Jon Sa Trinxa )

“Hey 🙂 just wanted to say what a top top night I had on Sunday at Pikes… one of the best nights ever… it was hotter than the sun in that little room but the tunes were amazing 😊 I danced solid for 4 hours.. my knees and feet are broken, but so worth it! Thanks and hope to see you there again. Colette x”

“loved your music and I don’t say that lighty, you have a gift for storytelling”

And the winner is…….

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