Sky Glass is a custom-designed 4K TV that streams live television, on-demand boxsets and streaming apps over your broadband connection. Its one of the biggest consumer products that has come to market for a while and I was asked to DJ at the soft product launch. (This is the party where Sky glass thanks the contributors to the creation of the product, be they Sky employee’s or external suppliers. Either way it was a big deal with 300 people with varied musical tastes to entertain.

The event was held in Aures under Waterloo station. Aures is a London-based event space that connects and inspires people to achieve wellbeing through art, technology and immersive experiences. We power immersive events, performances, exhibitions and research for creative brands and organisations.

Gigs such as these can be tricky especially when so many people do not know each other. Its all about reading the floor and getting that balance between allowing enough time for people to talk before pushing up the volume with the correct musical genres. being able to do that takes experience and confidence. The Sky Glass launch was no different, but at the right time, I had them dancing and singing so they went home having had a good night.

London corporate DJ