Virtual event production and the creative process

How can I help with your virtual production? Well its a combination of the skills built up over the years as a DJ and VJ along with a very good understanding of the Adobe Suite, especially products like:

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

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I own all the other elements of the suite and can call on these as well, but the above are my main weapons when it comes to creating content. The results are really only limited by the ideas we generate. Most stills nowadays can be animated…. I can make you CEO become a top dancer using After Effects and place people in all sorts of environments with Photoshop.

From these starting blocks, I bring the visual assets into Resolume, where the icing on the creative cake is placed as we set up animation of all sorts of parameters to bring the visuals to life. Here are a few examples of VJ work I have created and performed live. The first is where I created and the performed live all the visuals for Infected Mushroom at the Round House to 2500 people. Next up was a gig I did with Groove Armada, where I warmed up and then took control of the sound lighting and graphics. Finally is a band that played alongside Jazzy B (Soul 11 soul) and myslef, again I programmed all the lighting and video.



The audio would be mixed in Native Instruments Traktor Pro, the software used by some of the top DJ’s in the world. Any special jingles can be created in any of the following:

Adobe Audition

Celemony Melodyne

Ableton Live

I have a vast library of music from opera to tech house and have played at venues all round the world so have a lot of experience to call on.

Using the creative process outlined below, we will develop a solution for you.

Gather new material.

Thoroughly work over the materials in your mind.

Step away from the problem.

Let your idea return to you.

Shape and develop your idea based on feedback.

The next stage is the virtual event itself. Most people use Zoom and to get the visual and audio content into this meeting platform (indeed into most meeting platforms from Zoom and Facebook Live, to the more obscure ones like Camplace and Noob) you need to use NDI – Network Device Interface (NDI) is a royalty-free software standard developed by NewTek to enable video-compatible products to communicate, deliver, and receive high-definition video over a computer network in a high-quality, low-latency manner that is frame-accurate and suitable for switching in a live production.

Also needed is OBS – Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a open-source cross-platform streaming and recording program.

Bringing this all together in a creative and cohesive manner that ticks all the boxes in the clients brief is what I do.

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