Zanzibar – I was invited by Pete Bones DJ and the owner of Red Ant Records  to play with him 5 times over 10 days in Zanzibar.

The venue was the Coral Rock Hotel Zanzibar  an amazing place with great staff who like to party, but also want the guests to have a real experience on the island.

Musically the brief for the first night I play was Tech House and Afro/Tribal House, we would be playing after a party being held at the Red Monkey where Cleeveland Watkiss MBE would be performing and we where expecting 200 plus people including Cleeveland all ready to party through the night, which is what happened until 04.00 when the music was turned off.

Here is a link to a mix of some of the nights tracks

IMG 5503 1024x768 Zanzibar   Tanzania Crazy After Party IMG 5519 1024x768 Zanzibar   Tanzania Crazy After Party

Here is what I played that night in the club

Acid Hamam – Öde Ö – Victor Norman Remix
Nicolá Cruz – Folha de Jurema (Xique-Xiqueâs Dragonfruit Mix) [Xique-Xique Remix]
Blond_ish – Mayan Caravam (NU And LUM Mix)
Dandara – Mira La Luna (original mix) Lump Records
Acid Hamam – Öde Ö – Victor Norman Remix (320 kbps)
Triptych Vision (Original Mix) Hrag Mikkel
Timboletti – Reaching Rujum (Dandara RemixPLAY PLAY
Idjut Boys – One For Kenny (Extended LP Version)
Man O To (Be Svendsen Remix) Nu
Pochill – Francesca Road
Sirens Of The Nile (Original Mix) The Spy From Cairo
Obatala (Original Mix) Sabo
Timbiqui Hasta DC Feat Nidia Gongora (Zakir ‘Back to the Roots’ Mix) Sabo
Twilight in Tankwa PLAY PLAY (Original Mix) Be Svendsen
From the Dark feat. Moggli (Original Mix) PLAY PLAY Maya Jane Coles, Moggli
A – Isolée – Pisco
Monolink – Burning Sun (DAVI Remix) PLAY P[LAY
Fountayne Road (Original Mix) Simao
Cookies (Original Mix) Dennis Cruz
Weisz² – EL VAGABUNDO feat. Pablo J
Sun Of Ra PLAY PLAY (Original Mix) Moonbootica
Mother Earth PLAY PLAY PLAY (Original Mix) Harry Romero
Cosmic Dance PLAY PLAY PLAY (Original Mix) Kellerkind
Mir A Nero PLAY PLAY PLAY (Original Mix) Michel Cleis
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