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The Vault – Putney Pies London

I next play at Putney Pies on Friday 28th Feb 2020

The Vault is the under-belly of Putney Pies in London. It is a great venue for a night out you can book a table and have your fill of the amazing pies and then dance the rest of the night away to some great music. With Club DJ’s such as Seb Fontaines, Gary of Hoxton Whores fame, Lisa Loud, Guy Williams ( Pikes resident ), Howard Hill and Jon Sa Trinxa from Ibiza on the rota, it is nice to be asked to play down here every 3 to 4 months. Please be aware that in the vault @ putney pies on Friday and Saturday nights our dj’s start spinning the decks from 10pm, hence the volume of the music will be up. This might not suit everyone. 

House Culture said about Paul –  we sit down with some of the most iconic characters from the scene (of 18 people that included the likes of Fatboy Slim, Terry Farley and Danny Clockwork – Paul Linney is a resident DJ at Pikes Hotel in Ibiza and one of the hardest working DJs in the business. Whilst he might not quite have the name recognition he deserves, Paul has played gigs to clued up clubbers all over the world alongside his corporate work at events like the after-parties of the National Television Awards”

What is it about a low ceiling, some open brickwork and a dimly lit room that create the perfect atmosphere for drinking and partying? It seems that boozing in broad daylight is far too socially accepted. Sometimes, we want to misbehave a little or even a lot…..– add a bit of naughtiness to the tipple, as if nodding back to the prohibited age of alcohol. London’s arches and vaults, naturally, seems like a good place to start.

There’s more beneath the crust than meets the eye – you’ll realise this once you visit this little pie stop on the edge of Putney High Street. Underneath the road-level quaint restaurant, which serves up heartwarming and generously filled pies, there’s  a stairway  leading to a vault beneath the arches by the Thames.

The music choice is mainly House and Ballaeric and the crowd a knowledgeable mix of ages and types, think Pikes in Ibiza but in a cellar next to the River Thames.

I love playing at the Vault and are made up when I was asked to DJ there for NYE 2019. – You can also find me playing at other clubs around the UK and abroad (mainly Ibiza)

Next gig at Putney Pies and the Vault is on Friday 27th March 2020

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It was a great night and even the Door staff joined in with the dancing……

London Club DJ

London Club DJ Paul Linney is a well-known DJ and music producer based in London, UK. With over 25 years of experience in the music industry, he has established himself as one of the most respected DJs in the London club scene. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnINusiC3V0 Paul began his career as a DJ in the late 1990s, playing at various clubs and parties across London. His eclectic mix of house, techno, and disco quickly gained him a loyal following, and he soon became a regular fixture at some of the city's most popular clubs, including Novikov, Sushi Samba, Fabric, Q-Shoreditch,  Aures and Putney Pies, where he responsible for the music policy and DJ booking. Over the years,Paul has collaborated with

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Pool Party - I was asked to DJ at a rather cool Pool Party after the organiser had seen me play at some local clubs and bars. The brief was to start with a nice chilled set, building the tempo over 5 hours. I started at 16.00 and this video was taken just as it got dark and most people had got out of the pool. I was accompanied by two dancers and there was a CO2 Cannon helping things along........ It was so much fun to do, and the good news is they said they want me to do the next one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaJGimXDmGw Pool Party Play list Summer Slam (Original Mix) Tuccillo  Moment (Adam Port Remix)

Hideaway – Surbiton Marina

Hideaway - Surbiton Marina. I am lucky enough to be a resident DJ at Hideaway in Surbiton. This venue is all about a vibe of great food, staff, location, music and of course its customers. The perfect hangout for a bite to eat, afternoon libations & late night liaisons. Hideaway is a riverside restaurant that has 50 covers and an amazing terrace overlooking the River Thames. Our outdoor seating works on a first come first served basis. Playing twice a month, once on a Friday evening and once for Sunday Brunch, I get to select some very chilled tunes that compliment the setting and allow people to enjoy the meal and converse. Here is a set from

What a difference a year makes

What a difference a year makes. From the stop start and uncertainty of last year with the disappointing  ens at Christmas, to the fun and freedom of this one. I have played at so many amazing  venues this year, and been involved with some brilliant weddings both in the UK and abroad. Here are a few videos and pictures of just some of the highlights, it really is so good to be back playing at some amazing venues all over Europe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AmhIP2Qmhs&t=5s From 80's and 90's nights to Hen Parties in Ibiza Villa's; corporate events for well known brands to the After Party at the Varsity Match at Guards Polo Club to the Beach Party at finish

London Clubs are back

After a very barren two years some of the clubs are now back (unfortunately not all survived Covid) I am now reguarly asked to play in some of the best bars and clubs in London for both club and corporate events. Below are recent videos of me playing at Q-Club in Shoreditch, Aures in the Arches under Waterloo station and at Putney Pies in, you guessed it Putney.

90’s are back in the clubs

90's are back in the clubs giving that feel good factor - Remixes of classics and cheese vocals on hard hitting beats are all making club nights like a massive house party. It seems like the 90's are now the new 80's, but 80's are still in as well.... If you need a DJ for a fun Party give Paul Linney a shout. Here are few comments after his last club gig: "Best night of 2021….. & I’ve had some good ones @paul_linney you’re absolutely shaking the Vault to the foundations !!!" "Hi Paul- just quick to say wow what a great set friday night- it was a joy to see a tru pro in action read

Back at Putney Pies – House Party

House party - Finally on 23rd July, I got to play back in a club again and the past 18 months became just a bad dream..... What better place to play than Putney Pies where the likes of Jon sa Trinxa fly in to London just to play there. I was over the moon to be the first DJ to play post covid and the evening did not disappoint. The emphasis to the crowd is on fun with an eclectic range of music from Balearic Latin Vibes to Defected Bangers and beyond and the expected packed house was there early unfortunately - nearly 200 were turned away......... Fun fun fun was the theme for the night but

Post Lockdown Party for 30

Lockdown - At last we are able to party together in groups of 30 outside (which right now seems like a lot of people after only being with 4 in the house for so long) The feeling of being able to play to people and give enjoyment is something I have missed and am looking forward to better times this summer and beyond. Lockdown was hard, lets party..... Call me for all your event needs I am sure like me, you cant wait to get back on the dancefloor. Bonobeat Bufiman, Bimbo Johnson Balmi RAMZi Experiment IV - 2018 Remaster Kate Bush Show You Something (Chris Coco Mix) Afterlife, Lucie Burns Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna

Chillout music and mixes during Lockdown

Chillout music (chillout, chill out, or simply just chill) is a genre  defined by the relaxing rhythms and down-tempo beats — “chill” taken from the street language which means to “relax”. This genre appeared in the early and mid-90s in chill rooms at club where serene music is played to allow party goers the time to unravel from the more lively and fast paced tunes that are usually played by the DJ in the main room. Associated genres with chillout are mainly, trip-hop, nu jazz, ambient, ambient house and similar sub-genres of downtempo. The easy listening lounge music is also thought to fall under the chillout section too. Chillout, is more a feeling and an emotion....... During

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Paul Linney the DJ - Podacst: Absolutely made up to be joining the likes of Fatboy Slim and Dawn Hindle as one of this years House Culture monthly Podcast subjects. They approached me after my set at Pikes last September…….. that party went on to win best one-off event on the island for 2019 beating Solomun at the port into second place. "018: Paul Linney. Paul Linney is a resident DJ at Pikes Hotel in Ibiza and one of the hardest working DJs in the business. Whilst he might not quite have the name recognition he deserves, Paul has played gigs to clued up clubbers all over the world alongside his corporate work at events like the

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