The Vault is the under-belly of Putney Pies in London. It is a great venue for a night out you can book a table and have your fill of the amazing pies and then dance the rest of the night away to some great music. With Club DJ’s such as Gary  of Hoxton Whores fame, Lisa Loud, Howard Hill and Jon Sa Trinxa from Ibiza on the rota, it is nice to be asked to play down here every 3 to 4 months. Please be aware that in the vault @ putney pies on Friday and Saturday nights our dj’s start spinning the decks from 10pm, hence the volume of the music will be up. This might not suit everyone. 

What is it about a low ceiling, some open brickwork and a dimly lit room that create the perfect atmosphere for drinking and partying? It seems that boozing in broad daylight is far too socially accepted. Sometimes, we want to misbehave a little or even a lot…..– add a bit of naughtiness to the tipple, as if nodding back to the prohibited age of alcohol. London’s arches and vaults, naturally, seems like a good place to start.

There’s more beneath the crust than meets the eye – you’ll realise this once you visit this little pie stop on the edge of Putney High Street. Underneath the road-level quaint restaurant, which serves up heartwarming and generously filled pies, there’s  a stairway  leading to a vault beneath the arches by the Thames.

The music choice is mainly House and Ballaeric and the crowd a knowledgeable mix of ages and types, think Pikes in Ibiza but in a cellar next to the River Thames.


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It was a great night and even the Door staff joined in with the dancing……

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